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Do you ever leave your Family Re-unions wishing you had a keepsake to remember the event and
all those people you rarely get to see or who live far away?

When a group photograph is made of your assembled family are some faces half
hidden and some so tiny you cannot tell who they are?

Does the person who shoots the group photo ever get around to making a decent sized print that is sent to everyone?

      A Panoramic photograph is unique because it allows everyone to be closer to the camera and more evenly spaced so that everyone can be seen. The photographic prints are 10 tall and can be anywhere from 30 to 60 long depending on how many people are in the picture. We have the ability and facilities to make and ship these prints to everyone who orders a print. All these things combine to make a lasting record of the people of your family that later generations can look at and understand their past.

      Groups large enough to benefit from our panoramic service usually are photographed at NO CHARGE. We then take orders for prints from those who want one, and ship directly to that person. We also sell prints that are laminated or we can custom frame the print for less than other framers.

      Atlanta Panorama has been taking professional Family Re-Union Panoramic Photographs for over a dozen years. Our experienced photographers have taken group pictures of Family Re-unions of many different sizes and in many different locations, in-door and out. The photographs are taken with state-of-the-art equipment and beautifully printed on long lasting (archival) photo paper, which can be laminated or framed for you.
Atlanta Panorama also takes photographs for:

- Church Groups
- Clubs (Fraternal clubs, Car clubs, Hobby clubs)
- School Groups / Re-Unions
- Conventions
- Business Employees
- Landscapes, Exteriors, Scenic Areas
- Interiors (Stores, Homes, Offices)
- Aerial Panoramas
- Huge Group Formations

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